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People make small and big mistakes everyday ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, and when these people are arrested and placed in jail, it is up to the bail bondsman to generate the bail to have them released. The bondsman provides an alternative to remaining in jail until the court date, and they act as medium between the defendant and the court. Finding the right bondsman to post bail ensures that the one charged will get released from jail quickly and legally.

In North Carolina the defendant can be arrested and taken to jail for an assortment of crimes, including misdemeanor, felony,  traffic violations, weapons charges, a DUI/DWI or domestic violence offenses, and when the bail bondsman  receives the call, he/she evaluates the risk of flight and then makes a decision to secure the bond.

At times, a diligent bonds agent can be down to the jail before they are finished booking the defendant. They have built relationships with law enforcement and correctional officers that eliminate much of the paperwork; their reputation and security is justified.

A NC bondsman will also have insurance with a surety so that funds can be withdrawn 24 hours a day. This allows the arrestee to bond out from jail at any time because the bondsman has access to the funds.

A bondsman has a legal responsibility with the documents that are signed as the defendant agrees to comply with all court requests in order to reclaim the money. This includes the first arraignment, which is typically scheduled two to three weeks from the arrest date, as well as any and all further dates.

bail bondsman in North Carolina is required to be licensed in the state of NC. Small bond amounts are typically attained from the cash flow that is on hand, and for larger amounts the Bail Bonds agency will access certain financial institutions.

If the individual was arrested and has a high bail, which is specified by the judge, the defendant can provide security for the bail amount by using any assets that are available, such as their house, car or boat. For a defendant with a high risk that has a $100,000 bond, the bondsman charges 10-15% and takes the mortgage until the court requirements are completed.

Some defendants are released in other ways, including a property bond, signature bond or even on own their own recognizance. The decision is made by the court, and the bondsman is not needed for these types.

When an individual is behind bars, they are at the mercy of the court in every aspect. A reputable bail bondsman is one more person who is on your side and will grant you an early release.